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Club Life

Teaching Programs


Lessons are available Monday through Sunday with our two Tennis Pros.  We have private, semi-private and group lessons available.


Midland Country Club offers several different clinics throughout the year.

  • Beginner Ladies Clinics

  • Men's Lunch Clinic

  • Kids Clinics - year round

Ball Machine

The Ace Attack tennis ball machine is completely unique compared to any other ball machine sold. The 3 rotating wheel throwing mechanism can provide all types of spin and the throwing head can raise to a serving height for serve practice.

Unique Tennis Machine Features

  • The Ace Attack tennis machine throwing head easily raises to serving height delivering left or right handed serves and second serves with authentic high kicks. No need to raise the entire machine on an expensive, cumbersome lift.

  • The throwing head quickly lowers from serving height to deliver all ground strokes including volleys, forehands, backhands and lobs.

  • Three-wheel design provides an infinite spectrum of ball spins simulating any shot in the game.

  • Three-wheel design also provides better gripping at three points of the tennis ball, along with professional level speeds and unmatched pinpoint accuracy.

  • With the Ace Attack tennis machine, tennis pros are experiencing extremely productive and more broadly structured training sessions with players at all skill levels.

  • Ball feed is a jam-free system with variable intervals between shots (from 1.5 to 12 seconds), that provides complete visibility of ball acceleration.

  • Controls are simple and trouble-free. You can quickly and easily regulate the speed, spin, velocity, interval and oscillation.

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