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Club Life

Junior Golf

Experiences in sports promote a child's personal development. Your child will learn teamwork, self-discipline, develop good social skills and self-confidence. Our goal is to present a supervised sport and let the interest of the child flourish. We play lots of games while teaching basic fundamentals. We look forward to a fun and educational experience for all children at all levels.

Ladies Golf

We offer ladies programs throughout the year in the form of weekly clinics. These programs have 2:1 student to teacher ratio and offer a good baseline for all ladies to get started or review the basic fundamentals that perhaps have been forgotten. It's a great way to meet other ladies and meet new playing partners.

Men's and Ladies Golf Schools

Our schools offer a systematic approach to learning the golf swing. These schools are always sold out and it is the most popular program we offer. We do video analysis in a class room setting and give each participant a book at the end that gives a detailed plan of what they need to do to improve.

Private Lessons

The staff is available for a range of private lessons. We can provide our standard offerings for each staff member. We are also happy to design a program to meet your needs.